Weddings are about love! But, people also join together to enjoy a graceful ceremony, eat amazing food, and most importantly, to have fun! Celebrating the bond that you and your partner have just vowed to each other is surely a great occasion, and you should ensure that your guests enjoy every element of it.

Your wedding guests of course will remember how beautiful the ceremony was, and how delicious the food tasted, but most of all, they will remember how much fun they had at your reception dancing!

Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we know how to read and room and play just the right music. That’s why we have put together some ways that you can create a great environment for your wedding through music. If you are curious to learn more, be sure to continue reading:

·         Be unique. Choose entertainers that are outside the “Bach’s”! Ones that can offer a variety of songs, create a fun vibe, and overall an environment that everyone will want to take part dancing in. If you are seeking to be even more creative with the musicians you choose, pick ones that can turn you into a musician too!

·         Develop ideas. Great performers are ones that work with you, take each and every aspect of your interests, and incorporate it into the music. Working one-on-one with clients is a must as music just shouldn’t be played, it should be well-thought out and overall customized just for your wedding.

·         Variety. You may only like pop, and maybe your fiancé is just a fan of rock, but even though it is your big day, you have to take the guest’s musical taste into consideration as well. Playing a variety of songs and genres is a must for a wedding, so hiring musicians that are only dedicated to one style is not a wise idea. Choose performers that can be very versatile, to ensure that each of your guests hears songs they like and will enjoying dancing to.

·         Sound. The room should be comfortable, your guests should be able to enjoy dancing while also being able to sit down and talk to each other without an abundance of overpowering noise. Great performers will have the right equipment and knowledge of how to keep the atmosphere of your wedding just right, so it important that you hire an expert in the field that is more than experienced in creating the right sound output and environment for your big day.

Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life, so it is only natural that you will of course want the music to be perfect as well! Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we strive to create a wonderful musical environment for you and your guests. As Philadelphia wedding musicians, we would be honored to perform at your big day! So be sure to contact us today to begin planning your music.


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