As the bride, you most likely have a very strong bond with your father. From the moment he held you in his arms for the first time, his breath was taken away by the beauty of his little girl. Offering unconditional love, your father has always stood by your side, so shouldn’t you honor him within your big day? Of course!

Within your wedding reception, you can set time aside for a memorable dance with your father. As he, and your guests, will surely appreciate it!

Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we know just how important your father is to you! That’s we why have gathered some top tips as to how you can create a memorable first dance with him within your wedding reception. If you are curious to learn more, be sure to continue reading:

·         Song choice. When choosing a song for your father/daughter dance, sit down together. Go over songs that represent you and your unique bond as father and daughter, and allow the lyrics to speak your story. If you are at a loss for some great song options, consider My Litter Girl by Tim McGraw or Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. However, if you would like to choose something a little more upbeat and really surprise your guests, you can choose a song more along the lines of My Girl by the Temptations.

·         Choreography. Dancing in front of a crowd can be uncomfortable for some, especially if you are not a dancer. However, even if you are a dancer, choreography lessons can better prepare you for this moment. Taking dance lessons with your father will not only allow you to spend more time together, but allow you to create a dance that is just perfect for the two of you, and it will certainly allow you to have confidence in yourselves for the big day.

·         Atmosphere. You and your father will of course share such a special moment together as you dance. But, you can enhance this heartfelt moment even further by creating a wonderful atmosphere. Lighting can play a key role in how this moment is presented. Also, don’t forget about fog machines too, as they can add an even more stunning appeal to the space.

Every event within your wedding should be beautiful! As your big day deserves to shine. Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we strive to create a wonderful atmosphere for your big day through music. If you are still seeking a Philadelphia wedding musician, be sure to contact us today, as we would love to perform for you.


Photo Source: - Derek van Vliet