Hiring the entertainment for your big day is of importance! After all, your wedding guests will arrive, expecting to have a fantastic time celebrating your new marriage. With the right entertainment, you can guarantee that no guest will leave unfulfilled.

Unique Music Genres to Present at Your Wedding

While you may have a photo booth and great food, there is one form of fun that just shouldn’t be overlooked; dancing! Music is such an important element of your wedding day, and should be planned with care.

Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we believe that every wedding should have excellent performers! That’s why we have gathered some questions that you should ask your potential wedding band before hiring them. To learn what these questions are, be sure to continue reading:

·         Will You Help Me Plan a Playlist? It is always important to showcase the right songs for your big day. Therefore, you will want to ask you potential wedding band about their music preferences and the songs that they can perform. They should be able to inspire your playlist, as well as incorporate songs that you want to hear into it. Versatility is key for a successful sound. Listen to our audio!

·         Do You Have Reviews? Reading reviews about a potential band is a great way to learn about how they serviced other weddings. Positive reviews are a must! After all, you wouldn’t want any negativity on your big day. Ensure that what you read only promotes success, so that you only choose a band that is professional. View our reviews!

·         What Services Do You Provide? You will obviously expect to receive music services from your wedding band. However, you may be surprised as to what else they may offer. Even if you are seeking wedding reception music, your potential wedding band may also showcase services for your ceremony, as well as other miscellaneous details, allowing you to create a full-service package. Take a look at our services!

Things to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding Music

If you ask your potential wedding band these questions, you can ensure that you book the best performers for your special day! If you are ready to book your wedding band in Philadelphia, please contact us here at Philadelphia String Quartet. We would be honored to be your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wedding band.


Photo Source: https://unsplash.com/ - Tom Pumford - https://smartphotocourses.com