So much planning will go into creating your wedding. You will want the most beautiful décor, a tasty meal, and a gorgeous wedding dress. However, it’s important to remember one key detail, your entertainment!

Tips to Save Money Within Your Wedding Music Budget

Your wedding music will be what entertains your big day. So, it’s only understandable that it should be planned to perfection.

Every wedding deserves to be a successful event! That’s why, here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we have gathered some things that you will want to avoid when it comes to your own wedding music. Would you like to learn more? If so, continue reading:

·         Offensive Lyrics. There are many wonderful songs in the world. However, some songs present lyrics and words that may be offensive to your guests or inappropriate for children. When choosing the songs to comprise your playlist, keep in mind their presentation, and ensure that they are appropriate for all of your guests, from your youngest flower girl to your grandparents.

·         Silence. There is nothing worse than an awkward atmosphere! As your guests await your ceremony to begin, which is also known as the prelude, you shouldn’t let them sit in silence. The prelude usually lasts about 30 minutes, which gives your guests time to arrive and get seated. To entertain them, be sure to present soft and welcoming music, to set a wonderful ambience. After all, silence certainly isn’t ideal.

·         Volume. If your wedding music is too loud, it will be difficult for guests to mingle with one another. However, too quiet, and your guests won’t be able to get into the celebratory mood. Discovering the perfect balance of volume is crucial for the success for your event! In addition, consider placing your dance floor in between your speakers and the guest’s tables, for just the right presentation of sound.

What If Wedding Guests Request Songs You Don’t Like?

With these tips, you can ensure that your wedding music is perfectly presented. To hire your Philadelphia wedding band, Philadelphia String Quartet, please contact us today. We are all set to be your wedding band in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Photo Source: - John Hope