It’s no surprise that planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task! There will be so many decisions that will need to be made, announcements that will need to be sent, and music that will need to be planned. However, as you begin searching for your wedding band, you certainly won’t want to believe any myths about them!

Celebratory Songs for Your Wedding Reception Entrance

There are so many misconceptions about wedding bands that couples often believe. Therefore, making it difficult to properly plan the music for their big day.

Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we believe that every couple should know all about wedding bands. That’s why we have gathered some wedding band myths that you should be aware of. To discover what these myths are, be sure to continue reading:

·         “Wedding Bands Play Cheesy Music”. Definitely not! Wedding bands stay up to date on all of the current music trends, and will develop your playlist to showcase diversity. Highlighting different genres and eras of music, your wedding band certainly won’t present any cheesy music.

·         “Wedding Bands Talk Too Much”. No way! While it is important to encourage guests to get out on the dance floor and keep the celebration going, your wedding band will only talk just as much as needed. You will not hear them over the mic talking away, as your guests will certainly want to be able to hear great music to dance to!

·         “Your Wedding Band Will Make All of the Decisions”. Again, this just isn’t’ the case! Your big day is all about you and your timeline. Therefore, your wedding band will ensure that everything runs smoothly according to YOUR decisions. They will follow your timeline, make announcements as needed, such as when toasts or speeches will be taking place, and ensure that your big day flows with ease.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Band Before Hiring Them

Hiring a wedding band will certainly be a wonderful addition to your big day! These are just a few myths that you certainly won’t want to believe. If you are ready to hire your Philadelphia wedding band, be sure to visit us here at Philadelphia String Quartet. We look forward to being your wedding band in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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