At your wedding, dancing will be the main form of entertainment! Your guests will have a wonderful time out on the dance floor, pulling out their best dance moves to celebratory songs. From children to grandparents, you can guarantee to see people of all ages, and dance moves of all kind, as your guests enjoy your wedding reception.

Don’t Believe These Wedding Band Myths

However, you may be at a loss of some dance moves that you can showcase.

We believe that every couple should present some great dance moves at their wedding reception! That’s why, here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we have gathered some of the top ones that you can present. Would you like to learn what they are? If so, continue reading for some great inspiration:

·         The Box Step. For those couples who appreciate an elegant appeal, consider presenting the box step on your big day. This style of dance is the perfect choice for a first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, and a farewell dance. Easy to learn but intricate in display, the box stop is an ideal choice for evoking professionalism and romance on your big day.

·         The Salsa. If you and your partner are seeking to showcase a more intimate dance, consider the Salsa. Letting you emit some pizzazz on the dance floor, you can put on quite the show for your guests. The Salsa would be most ideal for a first dance that is more fast paced, allowing you to add some excitement and flair to the moment.

·         Group Dances. The best way to get your wedding guests out on the dance floor is to present some group dances. Consider ones such as the hustle, cupid shuffle, and even the Macarena. These dances will add some fun and festiveness to the occasion.

Celebratory Songs for Your Wedding Reception

With great dance moves, you can create a celebratory atmosphere among your dance floor. These are just a few to inspire you. Are you ready to hire your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wedding band? If so, please contact us here at Philadelphia String Quartet. We look forward to being your wedding band in Philadelphia.


Photo Source: - Cara Neil