Your wedding reception is a time to celebrate with all of your close friends and family members! You have just tied the knot, and your marriage deserves to start off in the most festive way possible. Seeing as music will be the main form of fun at your wedding reception, you will certainly want to ensure that you comprise the perfect playlist.

Wedding Music Traditions to Incorporate into Your Big Day

However, are you aware that there are actually some songs that you should avoid presenting at your wedding reception?

We are pleased with the opportunity to assist brides and grooms with planning their wedding music! That’s why, here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we have gathered some songs that you should avoid presenting at your wedding reception. Are you interested in learning what these songs are? If so, continue reading to gain some knowledge:

·         The Police. While loving every move your partner makes is certainly something to cherish, presenting Every Breath You Take by the Police won’t really evoke that. In fact, this song comes off with more of a stalker vibe, which definitely isn’t ideal for such a loving event.

·         Whitney Houston. Yes, you will always love your partner. However, while I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston sounds romantic, it is actually about a couple who has separated, and one still longs for the other. Your marriage is about the loving bond you share together, not a break-up. So, you should certainly avoid presenting this song at your wedding reception.

·         Will Smith. Your marriage is just about you and your partner. But, even though Just the Two of Us by Will Smith sounds as though it’s about the love of a couple, it’s actually about the bond between a father and his son. So, you should think twice before playing this song at your wedding reception, as you wouldn’t want to send the wrong message.

Flaunt These Dance Moves at Your Wedding Reception

There are so many songs that you can choose to comprise your wedding playlist! These are just a few to that you should consider avoiding. Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we are honored to be a wedding band in Philadelphia. If you are ready to hire your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wedding band, please feel free to contact us today.


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