Every wedding should have music, which means that there should be dancing! Your guests will come to of course watch you vow your love to one another, but they will also come for the entertainment.

However, while the music will be great, you will want to ensure that your wedding guests remain on the dance floor, having a wonderful time.

Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we are so honored to provide music for weddings. That’s why we have gathered some top tips to assist you in keeping your dance floor packed for your big day. If you are curious to learn more, be sure to continue reading:

·         Less talking, more dancing. Some musicians like to talk, which is great! However, too much talking can ruin the mood of your dance floor. It is great to have your musician encourage guests to get up and dance and have a great time, but, you will want to ensure that they do not talk to much, as guests will want to listen to the music and be able to throughly enjoy their time dancing.

·         Mix up the music. While you may enjoy one genre, your guests may have an entirely different perspective. It is important to play many different genres, so that everyone can hear something that they like. Incorporate a little bit of rock, pop and even some classics to keep the dance floor full of variety, which your guests will certainly enjoy.

·         Read the crowd. Every wedding will have a vibe, and being able to read the crowd is a wonderful way for your musician to get a feel for what type of music should be played. A great musician will know what songs to play for the right moments, as well as certain events within your reception.

Your wedding day is an incredibly special occasion, and certainly deserves wonderful music. Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, it is our goal to bring a wonderful sound to your big day. If you are still searching for a Philadelphia wedding band, be sure to contact us today.


Photo Source: https://www.flickr.com/ - erratic creative