Planning a wedding is a big deal! Especially when you want everything to turn out truly spectacular. Great food and a delicious cake are among some of the factors that go into the creation of your wedding. But, it is important to remember that your music will be the entertainment of your big day.

However, you will most likely have questions that will pop up in regards to planning your wedding music that you would like to have answered.

Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we believe that the entertainment at a wedding should be phenomenal. That’s why we want to assist you in planning yours by providing some top answers to questions that brides often ask about wedding music. If you are curious to learn more, be sure to continue reading:

·         Do I have to walk down the aisle to the traditional “Wedding March”? Absolutely not! This is your big day, and you should incorporate any music that you see fit. From avid Star Wars lovers to a more modern approach, you can choose theme songs or something relaxed, such as Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. Overall, know that you are not limited when it comes to choosing. However, if you are at a loss for the perfect song to choose, we would be honored to assist you in planning your music.

·         Do I have to provide my musician with a playlist? No! While it is great for your musician to get a feel for the type of music you prefer, a playlist is certainly not necessary. In fact, it is better to allow your entertainers more of a free reign to read the room. This way, certain songs can be performed within the right moments, allowing the dance floor to always be full, upbeat, and fun.

·         If I get married in a church, can I still play any music that I would like? In most cases, yes. However, it all depends on your church. Some churches require that you only play appropriate gospels. But, if you choose instrumental songs, you will most likely be able to have any songs you would like performed. In general, speak with both your church and your musicians, so that you can ensure that the right playlist is created for your ceremony.

Seeing as music is such a big part of your big day, it’s only natural that you would like it planned to perfection. Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we would be honored to perform at your wedding. If you are still searching for a Philadelphia wedding band, please contact us today.

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