One of the most exciting days of your life will be your wedding day! You will have such a wonderful time planning such a celebratory occasion. From venturing out with your bridesmaids, trying on multiple bridal gowns, to tasting scrumptious cakes with your partner, each detail will comprise your big day.

However, have you given much thought to your wedding entertainment?

Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we believe that music is such an important part of weddings! That’s why we have gathered some tips to assist you in planning your wedding music the right way. If you are in the process of developing your own big day, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

·         Genres. You are your partner may be two peas in a pod, but your taste in music most likely differs. You should also remember that the musical interests of your guests will differ from your own as well. It is important to plan your music to please the ears of all of your loved ones. Primarily, the top genres performed at weddings consist of rock, pop, and classics. If you intermingle your song choices to represent these genres, your guests will certainly have a fantastic time!

·         Dances. Most likely, many dances will occur within your wedding reception. Planning accordingly for these dances will ensure that your reception flows with ease. First off, consider which dances you would like to include, as these are the top choices: First dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, money dance, and a farewell dance. If you are planning on a multitude of dances, space them out throughout your event rather than doing them all at once, as this will promote more entertainment within your big day.

·         Atmosphere. It is important that your musician is experienced and able to read the room as they are performing. The atmosphere of your wedding should be upbeat, fun, and inviting. Hiring an experienced entertainer will ensure that the right songs are performed at the right times, to create a welcoming ambience among your dance floor. After all, your guests should be having a wonderful time on the dance floor.

Every wedding is an incredibly special occasion, and great entertainment is a must! Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we have many dates available to perform at your wedding. If you are still searching for a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wedding band, be sure to contact us today to begin planning your wedding music.


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