Every wedding should have some classic songs played. After all, everyone will appreciate great music that was created in good taste. If you are seeking to add some uniqueness to your big day that your guests will certainly enjoy dancing to, the Beatles are an ideal artist to play.

With the creation of many great songs, the Beatles have certainly made their mark on the world, and continue to still be very popular today.

Providing great music within your wedding is a must! That’s why, here at Philadelphia String Quartert, we have gathered some great songs by the Beatles that you should consider incorporating into your wedding playlist. If you are interested to see what these songs are, be sure to continue reading:

·         All You Need Is Love. Showcasing that all you need in this world is love, could you choose a better song to have played within your big day? This song is especially ideal for your wedding recessional, reception entrance, or exit song. Upbeat and festive, this song will certainly have your guests’ toes tapping to the lovely beat.

·         And I Love Her. Are you still seeking a song for your first dance? If so, And I Love Her is such a romantic option. The lyrics of this song reflect nothing but love for another, and that each aspect of you should nurture and fuel nothing but the desire for happiness for one another.

·         Take Good Care of My Baby. As a bride, it is important to realize that you father, who loves you and raised you to be the woman you are, will be giving you away on your big day. You can honor him within your wedding with a loving father/daughter dance. Take Good Care of My Baby is a wonderful song for this special moment, as it reflects that a father loves his daughter so much, and just wants her to be happy and taken care of.

With so many songs to choose from in the world for special moments within your wedding, you can always turn to the Beatles, as they provide wonderful options. If you are still searching for a Philadelphia wedding band, please feel free to contact us today. Philadelphia String Quartet has been honored with the opportunity to provide music for Philadelphia weddings and events, and would be pleased to perform at yours.


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