So much goes into planning a wedding! You will spend a great deal of time to create each and every detail, and ensure that every aspect is perfect. As you plan, you will encounter many decisions that need to be made. You will of course want scrumptious food, beautiful flowers, and entertaining music!

As you plan your wedding music, there are actually some mistakes that you will want to avoid, are you aware of what they are?

Inspiring couples planning their wedding music is important to us! After all, music is such an impactful part of your big day. That’s why, here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we have gathered some mistakes that you should avoid will developing your wedding music. If you are curious to learn what these mistakes are, be sure to continue reading:

·         Not playing a variety of music. Within your wedding reception, it is important that you play a variety of songs and genres to keep your music diverse. While you may have one taste in music, your guests will most likely have another, and it is important that you satisfy their musical tastes. Bounce around for some classics, to rock, and hip hop, to ensure that everyone hears sounds that they enjoy, prompting them to want to hit the dance floor.

·         Playing inappropriate songs. Guests of all ages will be attending your wedding. From children to grandparents, it is important that their age is respected. When developing your wedding playlist, you should take into consideration that some songs may not be too appropriate. Songs with bad language should be avoided, at least until later in the evening after the little ones leave the reception.

·         Not discovering the best volume. Blowing your guests eardrums with music that is presented too loudly is certainly not ideal. However, too quiet of music won’t be exciting enough for the dance floor. It is important to discover the best volume for your space, so that those who wish to mingle with one another can still enjoy each other’s company, and those who wish to dance can still feel as though the music is loud enough for the dance floor.

Music will be the best form of entertainment for your wedding! Therefore, you certainly don’t want to make any mistakes when planning yours. If you are ready to begin planning your Philadelphia wedding music the right way, please feel free to contact us here at Philadelphia String Quartet. Our Philadelphia wedding band is ready to provide your big day with great music.


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