It is important to remember that many events will create your wedding. From your bachelor and bachelorette parties, to your bridal shower and cocktail hour, you will have occasions that all assist in comprising your big day. However, one of the most anticipated pre-wedding event is the rehearsal dinner.

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While your rehearsal dinner may not occur on your actual wedding day, that doesn’t mean that it should be a lackluster occasion.

Music will create a great atmosphere for any event! Such as your wedding rehearsal dinner. That’s why, here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we have gathered some inspiration for your wedding rehearsal dinner’s music. If you are curious to discover more, be sure to continue reading:

·         Modern tunes. Everyone has their own taste in music. If your happens to be more modern, you can showcase some songs that complement the new-age genre. Artists such as Jason Mraz and Michael Buble are ideal to play, as they reflect calming songs that will pose as the perfect sound for your guests to mingle to. In addition, artists such as John Legend and Maroon Five are also great options.

·         Turn back time. No matter the age of your guests, you can ensure that they will all enjoy sounds of the past. Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, and Ella Fitzgerald are all wonderful options for presenting a great sound throughout your wedding rehearsal dinner. While your guests enjoy the company of one another, and your meal, you can guarantee that they will be tapping their toes to the songs of these classic artists.

·         Love songs. Your wedding is all about that love that you and your partner share together and the commitment that you are making to one another. Choosing songs that showcase lyrics of love will only add to the intimacy for such a special occasion. Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson both present a relaxing sound and showcase many loving songs, which would be perfect for your rehearsal dinner.

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Your wedding rehearsal dinner can not only entertain your guests, but stand out from the rest, if the right music is presented. If you are ready to plan the music for your Philadelphia wedding or event, please feel free to contact us here at Philadelphia String Quartet. As a Philadelphia wedding band, we would be honored with the opportunity to provide music for your big day.


Photo Credit: - Jonathan Day