Being in love is such a special feeling. You have met your partner, fell in love with them, and are now set to tie the knot, spending the rest of your lives together. Many events will occur within your big day, but one of the most intimate and heartfelt ones, will be your first dance.

When choosing a song for your first dance, you will certainly want it to showcase the loving bond that you have built together.

With music being our passion, we our honored with the opportunity to assist you in planning yours. That’s why, here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we have gathered some first dance songs that you should actually avoid for your big day. If you are interested is discovering what these songs are, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

·         Will Smith’s Just the Two of Us. Unless you are seeking a first dance song that is about the relationship between a father and his song, then Just the Two of Us is not an ideal choice! Of course, the words sound loving, because they are. However, it is not the right meaning for a relationship between a couple tying the knot.

·         Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You. With such loving words, you may be encouraged to choose I Will Always Love You for your intimate first dance. However, keep in mind that while the words sound romantic, they are actually referring to a breakup. Building a life with your partner should be showcased for your first dance, not breaking it apart. Therefore, this certainly isn’t an ideal chioce for such a special moment.

·         Adele’s Make You Feel My Love. There is not greater feel than your partner being aware of the love that you feel for them. However, Make You Feel My Love is about someone longing for the love of another, who doesn’t love them in return. On your wedding day, your partner will of course be fully in love with you as well, and a song that reflects the opposite meaning of your bond, is one that should be avoided.

With many songs to choose from for your first dance, it is important that your choice reflects the love that you share together as a couple. If you are ready to work with a Philadelphia wedding band, please feel free to get in touch with Philadelphia String Quartet today! We look forward to creating your Philadelphia wedding to be a dream come true with beautiful sound.


Photo Source: - Rob Bixby