You will do your best to create the perfect playlist for your wedding! While you will most likely showcase a variety of songs among many various genres, this doesn’t mean that your guests still wouldn’t like to hear a favorite song of their own.

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If your guests aren’t hearing a song that they would like, they most likely would like the opportunity to request one.

Your wedding guests will greatly enjoy dancing the night away to songs that they enjoy! That’s why, here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we have gathered some tips to assist your guests in making song requests at your wedding. If you would like to learn what these tips are, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

·         Present music to your musicians. Throughout your wedding, guests may want to come up to your musicians and request a song. However, your musicians will be busy performing music. Therefore, it will be difficult for them to stop and listen to your guest’s requests throughout the night. Instead, consider having a pen and paper available to your guests, so that they can write down their requests, which your musicians can then incorporate into your big day playlist.

·         Request songs before the wedding. Surprisingly, you actually have the opportunity to gather your guest’s song requests before the wedding even takes place. As you send out your wedding invitations, include a song request card. Among the card, your guests can jot down a couple songs that they would like to hear, and return them with their RSVP, allowing you to turn them into your musician to assist in creating the music for your wedding.

·         Await your song. If you have made a song request at a wedding, know that it may not be played right away. It is important to await your song with patience, and not continue to try and request it. Your musician will work thoroughly to ensure that each of the guest’s songs are played, as well as the music that the bride and groom has presented among their playlist. Patience is key!

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Every wedding guest should be pleased with the music presented within your big day! These are just a few tips to assist you guests in making song requests. If you are ready to hire your Philadelphia wedding band, please get in touch with us here at Philadelphia String Quartet. We look forward to performing within your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wedding.


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