There are so many details that will create your wedding day. With each detail comes careful consideration and a great deal of planning. You will be overwhelmed with wedding planning duties that must be taken care of before the big day, and any assistance will certainly aid you with being at ease at you conduct yours.

Romantic Songs for Your Wedding

Do you know that there are actually some first dance don’ts that you can plan for? And, knowing them before you begin creating your wedding will certainly make that task easier.

Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we want your wedding music to be planned and presented with ease. That’s why we have gathered some first dance don’ts that you will want to keep in mind. Would you like to learn what these don’ts are? If so, be sure to continue reading to discover them:

·         Don’t go with the flow. Winging you first dance should certainly be avoided. After all, it is such a heartfelt and special moment within your reception. You can prepare for yours by attending dance or choreography classes, in addition, don’t forget to practice at home too. Preparing with your partner will allow you both to have confidence as you take the stage during your wedding reception.

·         Don’t choose an undanceable song. There are so many songs that you could choose from for your first dance. However, not every song is great to dance to. Some songs are honestly just undanceable. When choosing your song, of course consider the lyrics, but pay attention to the rhythm, and ensure that it is a song that you and your partner can easily glide across the dance floor to.

·         Don’t be too simple. Your first dance is your chance to shine with your partner as newlyweds. All eyes will be on you, so why not entertain your guests? Of course, swaying back and forth will present such romance. However, you can add even more pizzazz to your special dance with some spins, dips, twirls, and even a spotlight, to really impress your guests.

Wedding Dances for the Adventurous Couple

A first dance is a wonderful moment for a newlywed couple! These are just a few don’ts that you will want to avoid for yours. In addition, if you are all set to hire a Philadelphia wedding band, we would be honored if you would get in touch with us here at Philadelphia String Quartet. We would be grateful with the opportunity to be your wedding band in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Photo Source: - John Hope