Your wedding will kick of your marriage. After reciting your vows and celebrating your nuptials, you will begin your life together with your partner as newlyweds. It’s ideal that you begin your matrimony in the best possible way, which means little to no debt. A wedding budget will assist you in doing so.

Reasons to Avoid DIY Wedding Music

When planning your wedding entertainment, you will want to stick to your wedding budget. Therefore, saving money whenever possible of is importance.

Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we know that wedding entertainment is crucial to celebrating your nuptials. That’s why we have put together a few tips for saving money when planning your own wedding music. If you want to be money savvy newlyweds, keep reading to discover how you can:

·         Be Confident About Discussing Discounts. Discounts are a great way to save money for your wedding. And, with a wedding band, you never know what discounts could benefit your special day. Don’t be afraid to discuss these pricing options with your wedding entertainer, especially if you plan on utilizing them for both your ceremony and reception.

·         Just the Right Amount of Time. Planning your wedding down to the last minute may make you feel as though everything will turn out perfectly. But, when the big day arrives, anything can happen. Instead of trying to book as little time as possible to save money, be sure to book your wedding entertainment long enough. If not, you may be facing overtime fees that could break the bank.

·         Book Your Entertainment Early Enough. There are infinite possibilities when planning your wedding, and just as many ways in which you can showcase your unique creativity and personality. So, your first thought may not be to book your wedding entertainment as soon as possible, but rather take time to plan and push it off to the side. However, know that the sooner you book, the better rate you are going to get, as last-minute bookings can chaos.

Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Saving money is ideal when it comes to planning a wedding. These tips will assist you and your partner with saving money on your wedding entertainment. Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, as a wedding band in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we can assist you with creating the perfect wedding soundtrack. Contact us today to book your Philadelphia wedding band.


Photo Source: - Ada Be