You have taken on a huge task, now that you and your partner are planning your nuptials. There will certainly be many details to plan, from your wedding attire to your timeline. However, there is one more crucial element to your wedding that needs your utmost attention, and that would be your wedding music.

All About Jewish Wedding Ceremonies, Traditions, and Music

The music you showcase on your big day will set the right mood for each moment. Therefore, properly planning it is of importance.

We believe that your wedding music should be well-planned! That’s why, here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we have put together a few helpful tips on how to plan your wedding music. Be sure to continue reading to discover what these great tips are:

·         View Your Entertainer First. There are certainly many wonderful musicians to choose from for your big day. But, before you book anyone, be sure to see them in action first. This will help you get a sample of what you can expect on your own big day. From viewing videos to listening to soundtracks, there are many ways in which you can preview before you book.

·         Consider the Fees. Price is a necessary detail to consider when booking any wedding vendor. After all, you and your partner need to stick to your budget. Be sure to discuss prices with your entertainer, such as overtime fees, discounts, and more.

·         Your First Dance. Your first dance will be a monumental moment within your wedding day. It can even be nerve wracking, especially with all eyes on you and your partner. However, with proper planning, you can be prepared! Work with your musician to discover the perfect song for such a special moment. In addition, consider taking dance or choreography lessons, so that you can exude confidence out on the dance floor.

Tips for Keeping Your Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor

Every wedding should present great music! These are just a few tips to assist you with planning yours. Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, as a wedding band in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we can present your big day with remarkable music. Please contact us today to begin planning with your Philadelphia wedding band