At this point in planning your wedding, your wallet has likely taken a hit. From expensive wedding attire to your many wedding details, money is certainly on your mind. The more you spend on your wedding day, the less you will have for your honeymoon. But, you’re in luck, because the money dance is becoming quite popular for modern weddings.

Music Mistakes to Avoid at Your Wedding

Do you want a little extra cash? Choose to host a money dance on your big day. Paired with the right music, it is sure to be a huge success!

We believe that every wedding should showcase some festive dances! That’s why, here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we have put together a few song ideas for your own wedding money dance. Continue reading to learn what these celebratory song choices are:


·         We Need Some Money. Turn back time and amp up your dance floor with We Need Some Money by Chuck Brown. This soulful song is a fun way to let your guests know that your money dance is taking place, as the lyrics say it all “we need money”!

·         24K Magic. Are you looking for a well-known, trendy song to feature for your special dance? 24K Magic by Bruno Mars offers the perfect song for money to be thrown at you and your partner as you make your way across the dance floor with all of your guests.

·         Why Don’t We Just Dance. If you have a love of country music, Why Don’t We Just Dance by Josh Turner would be an ideal song choice for your money dance. This song will have everyone’s toes tapping and have everyone wanting to take part in your money dance. So, prepare to be pinned with some cash when this song comes on.

Tips for Planning Your Wedding Music

The money dance is such a festive event! These are just a few songs that you could choose for yours. Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, as a wedding band in Philadelphia, we are ready to provide music for your big day. Please contact us today to begin planning with your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wedding band.


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