Getting your guests involved in your wedding day can be a great way to boost the celebratory mood. Providing games, interactive dances, and more is sure to get your guests pumped up for your reception. However, there is one way that you can let your guests really feel involved, and that’s by including them into your musical choices.

Festive Entrance Songs for Your Wedding Reception

You can allow your guests to share input by requesting songs during your wedding reception!

Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, we want to share a few ways to accept song requests at your wedding, to really involve everyone! To discover some great inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

·         Requests by Mail. You could try to read your guests minds when coming up with a must-play list for your big day, but there's a simpler (and more reliable) way to please the crowd. When sending out your RSVP cards, include a space for your guests to write in a song request. After you get all of the cards back, compile the requests into a list, edit that list (to avoid getting Rickrolled), and give it to your wedding band to present. You can discover some more great music and dancing tips by visiting The Black Tux.

·         Song Raffle. You can kick off your wedding reception with a reserve of song requests. Keep a jar by your band and allow your guests to fill it with song requests. Your band can then pick songs from the jar, and your guests can feel as though they have won the raffle when their song gets played.

·         On a Side Note…Keep It Appropriate! There will be guests of all ages at your wedding. Your music should be appropriate for everyone, from small children to your elderly grandparents. Songs should not feature harsh language or create uncomfortable feelings. You can prevent musical disasters such as these by providing your DJ with a “Do Not Play” list. This way, you are still in control of your playlist, regardless of what your guests may request.

Wedding Music Rules to Keep in Mind

These tips are sure to help you and your guests gain more control over your wedding soundtrack. Here at Philadelphia String Quartet, as a wedding band in Philadelphia, we are happy to help you present flawless music for your wedding day! Contact us today to book your Philadelphia wedding band.