Joined PSQ: 2013

Family: I was born and raised in Madrid (Spain), where my parents still live. My sister Veronica (also a violinist) lives in Puerto Rico, and I try to visit her or my parents at least twice a year! We all do whatever we can we spend time together whenever it's possible. In the meantime, technology has made it a lot easier for us to keep in touch...We do Skype and whatsapp all the time!

Education: Master of Music in Violin Performance by Temple University. Also, a Teaching and Pedagogy Degree by University Complutense of Madrid (Spain).

Previous (or current) other lines of work besides PSQ: Teacher at Philadelphia Youth Orchestra. Freelancing composer/producer/songwriter. Has performed or performs with Vox Amadeus, Bristol Riverside Theatre, Broadway Theatre of Pitman, Lancaster Symphony, Symphony in C, Vox Amadeus, Philadelphia Virtuosi, Bay Atlantic Symphony, Pottstown Symphony, Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra, Delaware Symphony, etc.

Actively involved in Musical Theater, wrote the score for the children's musical "Goldilocks and the 3 bears", which premiered at the Broadway Theatre of Pitman in September 2015. Collaborates with the Dementia Society of America to bring musical programs to memory care patients all over the Philadelphia and Bucks areas.

Favorite Book: I like the classics. Jane Eyre, Tom Sawyer, Little Women, Lady of the camellias...I also like autobiographies.

Favorite Food: Lasagna. Spanish omelette.Tacos al Pastor. Pork dumplings. And many more...

Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music, Gone With The Wind, The Parent Trap (original version), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Youngbess.

Favorite TV Show: Friends, The Office, The Simpsons, I Love Lucy, The Golden Girls, Xena: Warrior Princess...and recently, SHARK TANK!!!

Favorite Actor/Actress: Julie Andrews

Favorite Season: There's good things about all of them, but probably the Spring.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Place in the world: I have several. But a good bookstore with a good cup of coffee will always make me happy, no matter the location.

Favorite Hobby: I like to draw. Comics, cartoons. I used to do it endlessly as a child (had I not been a musician, I would have loved to go to Art school.) I stopped doing it for years...and now I've gone back to my drawing roots. There are some GREAT drawing apps for the iPad...It's amazing what you can do with them. So, I like to do some every night if I am not working. It feeds my soul.

Favorite Sport: Favorite sport to play, soccer (I'm Spanish, after all!). Go Real Madrid! To watch, olympic diving or ice skating.

Best advice you have ever received: "Be compassionate". I heard an elderly man, who had been married for 75 years, say that EVERYTHING he had learned in his entire lifetime could be summed up by those two words. BE COMPASSIONATE. I want to remember that.

Three People I'd Like to Meet: Julie Andrews, Melanie C, AJ McLean

My Personal Hero: Too many to just put one down. My Italian grandma Noemi. Scarlett O'hara. Xena the Warrior Princess.

One of my Greatest Experiences with Music: Every time that someone comes to tell you, after a performance, how much they enjoyed it, how the music made them feel a certain way or brought back certain memories...There is no price to that. Music has the power to MOVE people in a very specific way. Every time that someone enjoys it and communicates it to me, I am reminded of WHY I want to be a musician. I am reminded about how at the bottom of it all there is great joy and emotion, and it is supposed to be about expressing feelings.

Most People Don't Know This About Me: I am extremely shy. I hide it well.