What is music? Why do we create it? What does it really take to play violin perfectly - is 10,000 hours enough? Is there such a thing as  a "perfect" violin player? A perfect cellist? How much of what makes a musician great is dedication and how much is art? Why is Mozart a classical genius, and what makes Beyonce a Pop Queen?

The answers might surprise you - and after our dynamic, inspiring, yet educational presentation, your audience will walk away with a new appreciation for the heartbeart of our life--music. 


The Philadelphia String Quartet is dedicated to our community. We view our instruments as more than just performance pieces--they enable us to educate and expose the audience to the power of music. 


Concerts that inspire the community help make our world into a better place. PSQ inspires the listener to love music for more than notes on a piece of paper. 

They are not only exceptional musicians but also top-notch organizers who made the whole concert planning process run smoothly. What a great memory. Thank you, PSQ!
— Krista M.
Truly an amazing choice for any music enthusiast. One of the highlights of the night for our concert. Very easy to work with and accommodate music selections. Would recommend to anyone.
— Victor O.