Rock is good, but when it's too loud, the people revolt.

Crafting a full mix without blasting your audience's ears

is a science and doesn't happen by accident. 


There's nothing we love more than watching ears perk up as guests (appear to be) thinking, “This sounds like Bach, but I could swear I’m hearing “Back in Black”".  

Rock Strings are a hybrid of Mozart and Lady Gaga, (classic style with a rock attitude!) Think you have an impossible request? No request is impossible.

  • Want to mix Kenny Rogers with the company's jingle? Bring it.

  • Think you can't make Lady Gaga sound classy? (Check out our video page).

  • Want to have classical music at your corporate retreat because it increases creative thinking--but you're afraid of putting attendee's to sleep? We've got you covered.

Music is what makes us tick. It's our life's blood and the foundation of who we are.  We'll rock the music--you focus on making your event rock.


Music doesn't have to be an afterthought. Let us rock the music so you can rock your event. Questions? Click the button below-we can't wait to talk to you!

When was the last time the music at your event was captivating? When was the last time your attendees were fully engaged in the event because the music was so engaging?