Joined PSQ: 2012

Family: I'm coming from a big family, youngest of 5 sisters..

Education: Master's in cello performance.

Previous (or current) other lines of work besides PSQ: Cello teacher in different locations

Favorite Book: Osho / The hidden harmony

Favorite Food: Mediterranean

Favorite Movie: Rocky IV

Favorite TV Show: Bates Motel

Favorite Actor/Actress: Morgan Freeman

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Holiday: New Year's Eve

Favorite Place in the world: Istanbul

Favorite Hobby: Cooking, reading, reiki

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Best advice you have ever received: Everything happens for a reason

Three People I'd Like to Meet: Ataturk, Mozart, Michael Jackson

My Personal Hero: My sisters

One of my Greatest Experiences with Music: Seeing my students achieve

Most People Don't Know This About Me: I can be very calm :)