One Sound Changes Everything

I've been holding a violin in my hands since I was six years old-it's all I know how to do.

But it's not just all I know how to do-it's really the only thing I've ever wanted to  do. Playing music allows me to connect with clients in a unique way-it allows me to help them create beautiful memories. 



Music is life

On a typical day you can find me indulging in my two passions--music and my family! I start the day with family (kissing my husband good bye and spending time with my kids) and end it sharing the joy of music by teaching violin lessons  (when I'm not playing with PSQ of course!)


Music raises the spirit over the imperfections of life.

I'm a Mom to an amazing kid, a wife to a ridiculously talented husband, and an eternal musician. I could no sooner separate art from my life than I could stop breathing.  When I'm not playing music you can find me gardening, taking care of my home (fondly called "Radu's Nest") or cooking up a storm in the kitchen!



I didn’t choose music. Music chose me

Music is an integral part of my identity, and the one constant in my life. Being a musican was always my destinty.

In the rare moments when I'm not playing the cello, you can find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, playing with my adorable Ragdoll cat, Maxwell and voraciously learning something new--I've been called the "walking google"!